FEECon Great Communicators Tournament

Congratulations to Abbey Lovett, Sarah Knickerbocker, and Victor Agbafe for advancing to the final round of the FEECon Great Communicators Tournament


The liberty movement lacks great communicators – people who penetrate and persuade effectively.  For liberty to prevail on a sustained basis, we must solve this problem or we’ll continue to win the battle of ideas, but lose the policy and political debates that decide electoral outcomes. The Great Communicators Tournament (GCT) is Think Freely Media’s way to start solving this problem.  An annual event, our goal is to identify, from within the liberty movement or beyond, and promote individuals who can effectively and persuasively discuss and defend the free market and the benefits of individual freedom.

In partnership with the Foundation for Economic Education, Think Freely Media will host a mini-Great Communicators Tournament during FEECon in Atlanta June 15-17.  Open only to registered FEECon attendees, the FEECon GCT will include nearly all the components of TFM’s signature national Tournament.

To enter the FEECon GCT, contestants submit a 1-3 minute video of themselves making an emotionally compelling moral argument that discusses why free market solutions are the best way to alleviate poverty.  As you formulate your argument, we ask that you:

  • take the moral high ground
  • be hopeful and aspirational
  • address the issue of fairness or inequality
  • put the other side on the defense
  • communicate the value of freedom and increase the audience’s demand for it
  • use storytelling to make your case

In this video, you might talk about the minimum wage, the impact of professional licensing, entitlements and/or the social safety net, or any of myriad ways free enterprise, free markets, and limited governments provide the best path to prosperity for all people, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

From the video entries, up to four (4) contestants will be chosen to advance to the in-person round of the FEECon Great Communicators Tournament.  These contestants will prepare short (1-3 minute) remarks and will workshop their prepared remarks, receiving feedback and advice from TFM staff and advisors during the first day of FEECon.

During lunch on June 17, the contestants will present their prepared remarks and then answer questions from our emcee and judges in front of all conference attendees.  The winner will be announced during the Leonard E. Read Award presentation and the 2017 FEECon Great Communicator will automatically advance to the in-person rounds of the 2017 Great Communicators Tournament, held in Washington, DC, in October.  He or she will also receive $1,000, 2nd place receives $750, and 3rd place will receive $500.

From the first round of video entries and through the final event, the key to succeeding in the FEECon GCT will be your ability to craft messages and tell emotionally compelling stories that will reach persuadable voters and make a convincing case for why they need more freedom in their lives.

Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions for even more information.  You can find the official (i.e. legal) rules here.

Entries for the 2017 FEECon Great Communicators Tournament will be accepted until 11:59 pm eastern time on June 1, 2017.

Good luck!


Entries to the FEECon Great Communicators Tournament are closed.  Check back on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 to see who advances to the FEECon GCT!