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What He Said: Louie Gohmert Takes on Temporary Status for Illegal Immigrants

It was born out of good intentions, but it ran afoul when you started having radical Islamists that would destroy their country just having upheaval put it into civil war, and then claim that gee, they had to come to America to avoid their war-torn country, they get this temporary protective status, then they come over and they get temporary again and again and again and it becomes a way to come into the united states illegally but permanently, and it’s gotta stop. Moe Brooks saw that and the rest of us are going “Yeah, why didn’t we stop this before, we’ve got to stop it.”

Well, the Obama administration had Muslim brothers advising them. We know from the Muslim Brotherhood they bragged about people being in homeland security and in each department and, in fact, they were, so their advice was to keep renewing these people, so that’s exactly what the Obama administration did. They took a good program started under George HW Bush for humanitarian purposes and they turned it into a program that could be a way to hurt our country. So, it has to stop. We have got to force these countries to take them back no matter what and it ought to be a temporary program if it it was going to be, but this bill will force that to be reviewed and send people back that shouldn’t be here. The bottom line is, if you’re coming as a radical Islamist from a country that you’ve torn up with war, don’t plan on staying to celebrate 9/11 in the United States. You’re going to be out of here quicker than you can get here.

What He Should Have Said:

The program to grant Temporary Immigration Status was born out of good intentions. During the ebola outbreak in 2014, for example, people in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone were allowed to seek refuge in America under this protection. Now that the outbreak has been declared over by the World Health Organization, the protection has ended. It isn’t always that straightforward, though. It became problematic when immigrants started claiming temporary protection status over and over again so they could stay in the United States permanently. Some of these people have been radicalized in their own countries and are “fleeing” conditions they helped to create. These are conditions they want to bring into the United States and they’re bringing them here because they can continually renew their temporary immigration status. They’ve taken a good program that America created to protect innocent foreigners and are using it against us in order to hurt us.

Under the Obama administration, this became an even bigger problem. Radicalized elements of the Muslim Brotherhood even bragged about having members advising Homeland Security. The terrorists’ advice was to continue to renew those in the United States on temporary status. They took a good program started under George H.W. Bush for humanitarian purposes, to help those who are temporarily unsafe in their home country due to armed conflict, environmental disaster, or other extraordinary circumstances, and they turned it into a program that could be used to hurt our country. It must stop. People who are responsible for tearing up their home countries with war and are looking to harm the United States must not be allowed to do so.This bill forces the review of the temporary program to keep the program as it should be–a humanitarian one.

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