What They Should Have Said

To be a truly effective communicator, we believe it’s important to use emotionally compelling storytelling to capture the heart of the listener. We also believe in taking the moral high ground, being hopeful and optimistic and putting the other side on defense.

This is not an easy task, even for the most prepared and skilled communicators.

We’ve decided to take statements made by influential individuals in politics, business and culture and transform them into good, compelling arguments from a liberty-minded perspective to show and encourage effective communication of our ideas. We do our best to stay true to the speaker’s intentions. TFM focuses on messaging and policy and does not endorse or oppose any candidates we focus on.

Recent installments

What They Should Have Said: Louie Gohmert

What They Should Have Said shows effective ways of communicating freedom principles by using a story telling approach, taking the moral high ground, putting the other side on defense, and… Read More

2017 Inaugural Address

While President Trump’s inaugural address resonated with some and exceeded the expectations of others, it left many wanting more. His fierce tone, some say, spoke only to his base rather than to all Americans. The staff at Think Freely Media experienced the full spectrum of emotions — some encouraged, others concerned. But what sort of speech did citizens of our divided nation need? Did the speech require a different tone, a different heart, a different mindset? Should the new president have reached across the aisle? Or did he exhibit a necessarily firm stance?

This is what we wish he’d said.

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2016 Presidential Debates

Politics aside, we can guarantee that this year’s presidential debates will be full of opportunities to talk about key issues facing Americans this fall. Unfortunately, the debates are likely to be full of missed chances to communicate clearly. While some statements may be downright false, others will probably based on good logic and sound policy, but just not communicated well.

Some of today’s brightest minds and best communicators gave us their thoughts on what the candidates would say if they could go back again. We enjoyed it and think you will too.