What Should Be Said

What Should Be Said shows effective ways of communicating freedom principles by using a storytelling approach, taking the moral high ground, and staying hopeful and aspirational. Media, politicians and thought leaders often fail to include the freedom perspective at all by omitting critical facts. Alternatively, when they do make a sincere attempt to sell the freedom philosophy, they often do so with a stale and defensive approach that is missing stories that humanize the dry facts and figures. Here we show examples of how storytelling and emotionally compelling changes in message will make all the difference for those trying to advocate for liberty.

Recent installments

How Millennial Minds Find Free Markets

Opinion polls show a definite lurch left on social issues, but on economics millennial minds are evolving. By Ken Braun Millennials may seem a difficult communication challenge for advocates of… Read More

Bad corporate taxes batter working Americans

Well-paying jobs that working Americans use to feed families, pay mortgages and save for retirement are disappearing because the United States has the worst corporate tax rate in the developed… Read More

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