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Dictator Drives Venezuela off a Clifee

ICYMI: A former bus driver and trade union leader who rose through the ranks of Venezuelan government under former and deceased president Hugo Chavez has finally driven the country off the proverbial cliff.

Under Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela is officially a full-fledged dictatorship. And the country’s economic and humanitarian crisis has now reached critical mass following a July 30 election widely described as a “sham.”

The election in late July of this year propped up a new legislative body — a “constituent assembly” — without a national referendum as required by law, essentially trashing the country’s 1999 constitution.

Maduro’s authoritarian assault on his people has naturally, thankfully, ignited a firestorm, bringing about U.S. sanctions and drawing worldwide criticismRegional governments, many in the expat community, student leaders and Americans from all walks of life are among the many condemning his actions.

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Hispanics Came Here to Work, Not for Big Government

My father recently retired after working nearly thirty years in the restaurant service industry. It’s hard work. I tried it for a summer and knew that I was not cut out for it. The hours are long. You are on your feet most of the time. Breaks are rare and the environment can be incredibly stressful.

Most of us are oblivious to all of this when we frequent our favorite restaurants…and that’s OK. As far as I’m concerned, all work has dignity. And for the vast majority of the folks that are working in the restaurant industry toiling in the kitchen, they are not necessarily looking to receive a gold medal for their work. Most are happy to work, collect a paycheck and be treated with dignity and respect.

My father was no different. And for the first few years working in this country, he actually worked two shifts in order to make ends meet for my family. Sure it was tough, but at the end of the day, he was glad to that he was employed and was able to provide for my sisters and I with a chance to live in a country of endless opportunity.

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What Hispanics Don't Know about Great, Affordable Jobs

Do you know what are the top five most available, great paying jobs in the U.S.?

I used to run career development programs used by millions of people across America. In that job, I was able to analyze millions of data points — including chief issues people encounter in their job searches, and what solutions actually work for them.

And what I found is that few people, and particularly Hispanics, knew basic truths about finding good jobs. Consequently, they continued to have trouble finding them.

First, when I asked a Latino or Latina applicant what good jobs were always available, they gave partial answers (doctors! lawyers!), but they rarely knew which jobs are actually the most available. And isn’t it good to know whether there are tens of thousands of opportunities in the job category you want — or just a few?

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