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Think Freely Latino (TFL) leverages emotionally compelling story-based marketing to highlight the best our U.S. Hispanic and Latino community has to offer – our everyday heroes – Nuestros Héroes. We are focused on inspiring more American Hispanics and Latinos to self-empower, thrive, succeed, and make positive contributions to their communities.

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Venezuela's Government Has Failed Them, And Americans Are Stepping Up To Help

In the U.S., we recently celebrated Memorial Day, honoring those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting bravely for our freedom. But who is taking notice of the freedom fighters in Venezuela, at least 56 of whom have given their lives in recent months? Their fight is not merely political. Venezuelans are fighting for their very existence.

One group of Americans has formed a nonprofit called Helping Venezuela, and group members are stepping up to support Venezuelans with food and financial aid.  Read more…

Don't Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise, Dreams Can Become a Reality in the U.S.

It was 2009 and Osiris Hoil was out of work. As it did to so many Americans, the economic recession had hit him hard. Eager to find whatever work he could, Osiris was asked by his neighbor what he would do if he could do anything at all? Without hesitation, Osiris said that he would love to open a restaurant and cook meals the way his mother had done while he was growing up in Yucatan, Mexico.

Today, Osiris is the owner of one of the most successful taco franchises in Washington, D.C. On virtually any day during the lunch hour rush, the lines snake around his various restaurants serving up fresh, made-to-order, authentic Mexican tacos. To the hungry working professionals and blue-collar workers who’ve tasted his fare, the name alone — District Taco — is enough to fuel a craving.  Read more…

Gentrification is Not a Dirty Word

What if I told you that residents of downtrodden neighborhoods across the U.S., and increasingly in Latin America, are living in fear of reclaimed abandoned buildings, declining crime rates, repaired roads and sidewalks, and new businesses bringing jobs? When I phrase it this way you would probably say I was crazy. But this is exactly the case, and it’s known as the “G” word — gentrification.

We’re used to hearing about the changes remaking once struggling neighborhoods such as New York’s Harlem, San Francisco’s Tenderloin, and London’s Brixton but now we are starting to hear reports of similar changes in Latin America. In my neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico, rapid gentrification has transformed one stretch of road known as Calle Loiza from a corridor where seemingly half the storefronts were abandoned into a hub for hip nightlife. In only a couple short years this district has been redeveloped by entrepreneurs into a gastronomic hub featuring swanky cocktail bars where you could spend half your paycheck in one night. Read more…