Great Communicators Tournament

For individual freedom to prevail on a sustained basis, the liberty movement needs persuasive, effective communicators. That’s why Think Freely Media has created the Great Communicators Tournament—to identify those pro-liberty individuals that use their skills to successfully engage our culture, on an emotional level, in a discussion of the free market message.

The tournament begins with contestants submitting a short video of arguments that meet our requirements. The videos are deliberated, and semi-finalists advance to the second round. In the final round of competition, contestants give prepared speeches and answer questions asked by our panel of all-star judges that deliberate and decide a winner who gets $10,000!


Everyday Heroes Project

The Everyday Heroes Project is a multimedia initiative focused on telling the stories of ordinary people transforming their communities. These unsung heroes work on the ground to raise their neighbors out of poverty and help the needy when public institutions fail. Through Everyday Heroes, we aspire to inspire people to champion human freedom, individual liberty, and personal achievement.

Think Freely Latino

Think Freely Latino (TFL)  engages U.S. Hispanic and Latino audiences in a meaningful, culturally relevant, and aspirational conversation about how to best empower individuals to thrive, succeed, and make a positive impact in their communities.  TFL works with Hispanic thought leaders and influencers to identify, cultivate, and share useful resources from across the web.

The “Nuestros Héroes” Blog features inspiring stories about redemption, triumph over adversity, and Latinos’ unique entrepreneurial spirit.  We are focused on raising awareness about the benefits of living in freer society.

What They Should've Said

Politics aside, we can guarantee that this year’s presidential debates will be full of opportunities to talk about key issues facing Americans this fall. Unfortunately, the debates are certain to be filled with missed chances to communicate clearly.

We decided to take some of the statements from each debate and transform them into good, compelling arguments from a liberty-minded perspective. We did our best to stay true to the candidate’s intentions.