Great Communicators Tournament

For individual freedom to prevail on a sustained basis, the liberty movement needs persuasive, effective communicators. That’s why Think Freely Media has created the Great Communicators Tournament—to identify those pro-liberty individuals that use their skills to successfully engage our culture, on an emotional level, in a discussion of the free market message.

We work with other organizations and hold entry rounds of our own to identify finalists, who will compete to prove that they know how to message to the ideologically persuadable and to win $10,000!


Think Freely Marketing

We believe the effective way to change hearts and minds is the use of emotionally compelling content and our team prides itself on successfully using human emotions and stories to enliven dry facts and policy stats. Think Freely Marketing allows our team to partner with organizations throughout the free market movement to provide marketing services and messaging materials – all with the goal of getting our partners’ work in front of their key audiences.