And the winner is … results of the 2017 Great Communicators Tournament

This year as every year, Think Freely Media has been on the lookout for Great Communicators, people who effectively and persuasively discuss and defend the free market and the benefits of individual freedom. Two finalists in the 2017 Great Communicators Tournament, Jessi Bennett and Abbey Lovett, were selected at live competitions at the Foundation for Economic Education’s FEECon and Young Americans for Liberty’s YALCon. The third finalist, Ashley Keimach, was chosen from video submissions uploaded via Think Freely Media’s website.

The 2017 Great Communicators Tournament brought our three finalists together for a three-day all-expense-paid visit to Washington, D.C., that mixed educational and entertainment experiences, including an improv comedy communications training session sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education, dinner with renown scholar Michael Cannon, a stand-up comedy show, a private tour of the U.S. Capitol and a meeting with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

At the TFM offices, each finalist videotaped her own new message discussing the benefits of free-market healthcare solutions. The winner, second and third place finishers were determined by testing the produced videos with a “moveable middle” audience using an online survey and a nationally representative sample.

The results of the 2017 Great Communicators Tournament are…

$10,000 Grand Prize Winner is Abbey Lovett
$5,000 Second Prize Winner is Ashley Keimach
$2,500 Third Prize Winner is Jessi Bennett

Congratulations to our winners and special thanks to sponsor Foundation for Economic Education.






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