2018 FEEcon Great Communicators

This past weekend, the TFM team hit the road for Atlanta, where we attended the second annual FEEcon, sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education. While at FEEcon, TFM hosted its first Great Communicators Tournament of the year – focused on identifying and highlighting exceptional communicators of free market and limited government principles. Open to FEECon attendees, contestants submitted a 1-3 minute video of themselves making an emotionally compelling argument in favor of a free market or limited government solution to a public policy issue.

As they filmed their video entries, contestants were asked to:

  • Take the moral high ground
  • Communicate the value of and increase the demand for freedom
  • Put the other side on the defense
  • Be hopeful and aspirational
  • Address the issue of fairness or inequality
  • frame their remarks for an audience of persuadable voters

TFM staff reviewed all entries and narrowed the field to three finalists – Michael Abbott, Natasha Standley, and Laura Williams.

On Saturday, Michael, Natasha, and Laura competed for the title of FEEcon Great Communicator. In front of a panel of judges and a room full of spectators, they gave prepared remarks on an assigned policy topic and answered questions from our panel of judges.










The judges ranked the contestants and the audience voted on who they believed the best communicator was and Laura Williams was named the 2018 FEEcon Great Communicator.  Laura will join winners from additional qualifying rounds in November at the Atlas Network’s Liberty Forum in New York City, where she will compete for a $10,000 grand prize and the title of 2018 National Great Communicator!

Congratulations to all of our contestants and thank you our judges: Julie Borowski, Matt Kibbe, and Eric Tubbs.

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